Components formachinebuilding industry

Steel and alloys CNC machining, heat treatment, coating and protection solutions. Components assembly.

20 years of world class experience.

quality control


  • pins
  • axles
  • bushings
  • rollers
  • flanges
  • other parts

We use today’s best cutting tools technologies. Constantly learning and improving our skills.
Our masters can produce many types of the parts you need.

Manufacturing direction

Small (from 10 pcs) to medium (10 000) size series. Working with CNC machines. Turned parts sizes – diameter 270 mm, length up to 500. Milled part up to 600×400.

Manufacturing processes

Assembly, CNC turning, CNC milling, TIG/MIG welding, hardening, induction hardening, surface coating, billets automatic sawing, wet and powder coating.


We do desing and draw components, assemblies and later run manufacturing.