CNC machined parts and componentsMechanical assemblies

Our modern machining methods allow flexible production of small to medium batches. A typical production series is few to several thousand units.
Along with smaller helping machines, we have following CNC machining centres.:

Gildemeister CTX 400 S2 C axis- 2004

Gildemeister CTX 400 S2 – 2002

Muga X42 twin with bar feeder – 2008

EMCO E600 4th axis – 2008

Victor A26 Caxis – 2019

Victor P106 – 2021

Victor A16 C axis- 2022

Victor A20 Caxis – 2022

The arrangement of equipment guarantees efficient flow of materials in the factory. Machining centers are grouped so that several can be operated simultaneously by one operator. At workstations 5S method is used. The major focus is on workplace safety. All equipment is maintained in accordance with ready-made service plans, which guarantees constant quality and efficient use.
We have quite different equipment that allows us to produce a wide variety of products, in turning from a small 8mm bushing to 370mm diameter and 600mm long parts and in milling up to 600×1050 size parts; 4 axes milling.

Mechanical assemblies – we can offer complete assembly. Our machined parts along with standard parts can be assembled and supplied to you as a complete, ready for operation or ready for final assembly unit.

  • pins
  • axles
  • bushings
  • rollers
  • flanges
  • fittings and other parts;

Quality First

In line with global standards and systems, we have implemented a reliable internal quality system that ensures quality products in all company processes.
By end of 2022 the company will have fully operating ISO 9001 quality system.


We produce parts for machine assembly, also we do assemblies ourselves. Machining spare parts, wear components from steel and alloys, various plastic, exotic metals.

Mechanical assemblies

CNC machining parts, purchase of standard elements, assemble as per customers requirements.

Axles, pins

Manufactured with high precision tolerances; heat treatment, hard turning ; anti corrosion coatings, maintaining of tolerances after coating.


From small 8 mm to large 160 mm diameter bushings. Thin walled, tempered and with coatings. Non-ferrous metal, aluminium, plastic. With keyways.

Hydraulic parts and elements

Milled large diameter threads, deep holes, corrosion-resistant coatings. Plugged holes to avoid contamination.

Stamps and dies

According to 3D models we produce stamping dies and equipment. We do repair used dies. After hardening, we provide inspection reports (upon agreement).


Various parts, milled elements, special screws, studs, bodies, etc.